Nearly Done!

My latest pattern is nearly done!

May Flowers Drying

May Flowers Drying

Literally, I’m waiting for the blasted thing to dry so I can photograph it and finalize the pattern.

Here’s a tantalizing hint of it, blocked and drying.  I have to say I LOVE my new blocking wires.  So much easier, so much faster and no more of those annoying scalloped edges you can get sometimes from pins.

Please don’t judge it by the colors you see here – the horrible yellow of the foam pad washes out everything.  I’ll post pictures of the finished piece so you can truly see the colors.

I use foam floor pads to pin on – like the kind you see in children’s playrooms.  Actually, that’s exactly what they are.  I ordered them from Amazon after a friend recommended it to me and they are soooooo much easier than the giant piece of cardboard I used to use.  And they are much easier to put away too, which makes my husband happy!

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