First Circular Shawl

evenstarStartEven though I design my own patterns I still patterns by other people – there are so many talented designers out there, how could I not??

I’m always looking to try something new, improve my technique and learn new skills so I am VERY excited to start my first circular shawl.  I’ve knitted several half-circle shawls but never a full circle before.

I just started the Evenstar Shawls by Susan Pandorf (available for purchase on  It’s a beautiful shawl inspired by the Lord of the Rings which is one of my favorite books (and yes, I like the movies, too).  Actually, since my husband has to work late tonight, I’ll probably pop Fellowship of the Rings into the DVD player and this once my little guy heads to bed.

I also had to learn my first circular cast on for this project, which, since I don’t know how to crochet, was completely new to me.

My finished piece will come out a bit different than Susan intended because I couldn’t track down a laceweight yarn that wasn’t wool.  I’m allergic to wool.  You don’t want me to knit with it.  It’s not pretty.  After half an hour I get hives.

Swatches - size 3 (top) and size 5 (bottom) needles

Swatches – size 3 (top) and size 5 (bottom) needles

So I’m knitting the shawl in a DK weight cotton – Kertzer’s Down to Earth Cotton in 0035 a pale pink.  It’s nice to wok with and affordable when you have to buy 1500 yards worth!  I also had to increase the needle size.  The pattern calls for lace-weight yarn on US size 3 needles.  I knitted the swatch and blocked it but the more complicated pattern designs (a 7-fold increase inside a k3tog) were murder on size 3 needles as those are the recommended size needles for this yarn.  I knit the swatch again last night on size 5 needles and life was MUCH easier.  And frankly, after blocking, it looks better, too.

Here are my swatches – you can judge for yourself, but I’m going with the larger needles for this lace shawl.

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