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About Our Patterns

Our patterns are all knit with plant or synthetic fibers for one simple reason – Monique is allergic to wool!  It drove her nuts when she first started knitting that all the “cool” patterns were knit with wool and it was often difficult to find a yarn that would drape the same (ever knit a cotton sweater?  You know what we mean!).

We also feel strongly that our patterns should be written for real people and should flatter real curves. While no pattern will fit every body type, we strive to create patterns that will flatter actual people, not air-brushed models.

About Monique

Monique finally learned to knit in the summer of 2010 when she signed up for a class.  Her grandmother had tried to teach her (no luck) and her college roommates had tried to teach her (also no luck).  Paying for a class seemed to finally make something click because by the end of the summer the teacher was showing her advanced techniques and within 2 years she was designing her own patterns.

With a toddler in tow, running a web design company from home became a bit of a handful – especially when said toddler decided that he really liked to bang on keyboards.  So Monique decided to start selling her patterns on Ravelry and the rest is history.

Monique has been cross-stitching and sewing since age 3.  While she is a expert cross-stitcher, her sewing skills hover more around “adequate”.  She also enjoys dancing, distance running and playing with her young son, husband and two cats.

About Buying Patterns
All knitting patterns are sold through third party sites Ravelry & Craftsy. With Ravelry, once payment is complete your pattern will be emailed to you immediately; you do not have to be a Ravelry member to purchase through Ravelry, but we highly recommend it as it is a vibrant community of knitting and yarn enthusiasts. With Craftsy, once payment is confirmed you will have a download link available from your Craftsy account.

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