Back from Break

After taking a much-needed break over the holidays (and recovering from my annual Christmas bought of bronchitis), I’m back at it! I’ve got 3 new patterns in various stages of completion, plus and oldy-but-goody that never got released, all waiting for me to finish them up and release them. I’m using three fun new yarns – the blue cabled sweater is in Cascade’s Ultra Pima Fine, 100% Cotton. The gray tweed sweater is Remix, a unique blend from Berocco of 30% Nylon, 27% Cotton, 24% Acrylic, 10% Silk, & 9% Linen. And lastly the socks are Plymouth Yarn’s Diversity, which is an acrylic/polyester blend. And the best part – all three are machine washable!

First Circular Shawl

Even though I design my own patterns I still patterns by other people – there are so many talented designers out there, how could I not?? I’m always looking to try something new, improve my technique and learn new skills so I am VERY excited to start my first circular shawl.  I’ve knitted several half-circle shawls but never a full circle before. I just started the Evenstar Shawls by Susan Pandorf (available for purchase on  It’s a beautiful shawl inspired by the Lord of the Rings which is one of my favorite books (and yes, I like the movies, too).  Actually, since my husband has to work late tonight, I’ll probably pop Fellowship of the Rings into the DVD player and this once my little guy heads to bed. I also had to learn my first circular cast on for this project, which, since I don’t know how to … Continue reading

Nearly Done!

My latest pattern is nearly done! Literally, I’m waiting for the blasted thing to dry so I can photograph it and finalize the pattern. Here’s a tantalizing hint of it, blocked and drying.  I have to say I LOVE my new blocking wires.  So much easier, so much faster and no more of those annoying scalloped edges you can get sometimes from pins. Please don’t judge it by the colors you see here – the horrible yellow of the foam pad washes out everything.  I’ll post pictures of the finished piece so you can truly see the colors. I use foam floor pads to pin on – like the kind you see in children’s playrooms.  Actually, that’s exactly what they are.  I ordered them from Amazon after a friend recommended it to me and they are soooooo much easier than the giant piece of cardboard I used to use.  And … Continue reading